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A Talk with Danny Dreyer of ChiRunning

September, 2019

I first met Danny Dreyer, the founder of ChiRunning, in 2018 when we were both leading workshops at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. Danny and his assistant teachers were leading their students outdoors in Nature in an engaging and enjoyable activity. It struck me that this could be a beneficial next step for Gokhale Method students who have overcome their pain and injuries.

Running, for those able to do it, has a particular draw, since it is a natural activity and such an efficient way to get exercise in a busy world. The model populations that inspire the Gokhale Method (children, non-industrialized people, hunter-gatherers), run regularly.

So I was intrigued by what Danny Dreyer offers: a systematic program on how to run with less injury and more enjoyment. In the video below, we talk about our complementary approaches to keeping healthy. I value that he has helped a large number of people become active and stay active. We have different views on some details of how to walk and run, which makes for an especially interesting exchange. Enjoy!

A little about ChiRunning

ChiRunning is a well-known method that teaches a running technique with the very desirable result of keeping people active and moving. Their mission is to help you love running forever. The ChiRunning book has sold almost a half-million copies and is published in thirteen languages. Over 200 Certified Instructors teach ChiRunning in 27 countries, and they continue to grow and expand around the globe.

Danny has generously offered a free e-book as a gift for Gokhale Method community members interested in learning about sustainable running posture. To access it, click the button below.

Grab Your FREE Gift from ChiRunning

What you'll get

  • A free PDF copy of 10 Components of Good Running Technique.
  • The ChiRunning newsletter with technique tips, recipes and news.



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