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Sangeeta Sundaram

Contact Information:
[email protected]
Teaching Languages:
Mumbai, India


Sangeeta was on a quest for long-term relief from her debilitating back pain, which she suffered for nearly 16 years. She took a Foundation course with Esther Gokhale in the United States in 2012, which transformed her. It helped her get back to an active life and enhanced sense of well being.

After personally experiencing the power of the simple yet profound method, that is natural, logical and empowers people to help themselves, Sangeeta decided to become a teacher and bring the Gokhale Method to India. She teaches in Mumbai and offers classes in other cities in India.

Sangeeta also runs a consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations re-energize and journey through change. This involves working with leadership teams to foster a desired corporate culture and equipping them to lead transformation. She is deeply involved in developing women executives for senior leadership roles in various organizations. She finds that the two lines of work- one working with individuals to lead a pain free life and the other helping organizations reach their potential-are synergistic and complement each other well.

Sangeeta's Online Offerings

Online lessons are a good way of learning the Gokhale Method from your home. Sangeeta offers online lessons through Zoom.

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Sangeeta's In-Person Offerings

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