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Kathy Robinson

Contact Information:
[email protected]
Teaching Languages:
Richmond, VA
  • Marilyn Cohen, Attorney and Dr. Stephen Cohen, MD
    Kathy is the consummate teacher; she uses excellent communication skills and effective methodology to inform and educate her students. She possesses the ability to listen to her students in order to address any misunderstandings… She takes interest in each student and encourages each to achieve his...Read more
  • Karla Aucoin, Retired, Insurance Sales and Service Representative
    Kathy was encouraging, a good listener, and a perceptive coach. I have shared the basic premise of the Gokhale Method with friends and family, and they can see its benefits in my husband and me. The book is a great aid but Kathy showed us how to correctly practice and integrate the method. We are a...Read more


Kathy is a fitness professional teaching group classes and one-on-one clients. For over 16 years she has specialized in senior adults, balance and posture. Kathy’s love of teaching fitness began while living in Europe and seeing first-hand the difference that good health and well-being makes in quality of life. To be the best instructor she can be, Kathy has spent years studying the body, movement, posture and biomechanics.

Kathy loves that the Gokhale Method is so simple and logical and that it truly gets to the root of so many pain issues rather than just treat the symptoms. Kathy herself experienced relief of neck and shoulder pain that had plagued her for years. She finds great joy in teaching the Gokhale Method because she has observed how it helps to naturally heal and restore our bodies to the strong, healthy, pain-free posture that we are meant to have.   

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