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John Carter

Contact Information:
[email protected]
+44 0772 40 96 247
Teaching Languages:
Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Claire, Massage Therapist
    The more I do the better I feel and the easier the movements become. John has been an excellent instructor.Read more
  • Shivani, radio presenter
    Absolutely excellent. John is a very patient and perceptive tutor.Read more


John is an experienced yoga teacher, with a scientific background in psychology and IT. After 20 years of chronic, seemingly intractable back pain, he discovered the Gokhale Method and travelled to India and observed the pain-free, natural posture and movement of local, working people – the founding principle of the method. 

Having realised the profound healing qualities of the method for his own back pain, John is inspired as a Gokhale Method teacher to share this freedom. He is experienced in both one-on-one and group workshops and takes great pleasure in guiding his students through their own healing processes. 'Even travelling in a car can become a positive healing experience!' he says. 'I have seen students with long-standing, chronic problems shift away from a life of pain and disadvantage, to one in which their bodies are pain-free, functional and happy again. It's a real honour and a joy to be a part of this transformation.'

UK Prices:
£315 = Group Foundations Course
£105 = Initial Consultation
£630 = One-on-One Foundations Course

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London, LON

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Free Workshop - London - LON - Mar 19 Sunday, March 19, 2023, 3:00pm Open
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