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John Carter

 John is an experienced yoga teacher and practitioner, with a scientific background in psychology and IT. After 20 years of chronic, seemingly intractable back pain, he discovered the Gokhale Method and travelled to India to observe the Primal Posture of local, working people – the founding principle of the method. 

Having realised the profound healing qualities of the method for his own back pain, John is inspired as a Gokhale Method teacher to share this freedom. He is experienced in both one-to-one and group workshops and takes great pleasure in guiding his students through their own healing processes. 'Even travelling in a car can become a positive healing experience!' he says. 'I have seen students with long-standing, chronic problems shift away from a life of pain and disadvantage, to one in which their bodies are pain-free, functional and happy again. It's a real honour and a joy to be a part of this transformation.'

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