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Gokhale® Moment: Running (Brazil)

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This is truly inspiring.  I have been trying to perfect my own running technique using the Gokhale Method. It seems like when I speed up the process it becomes more difficult to feel the glutes engage and keep the fluidity of the movement. I spent time yesterday trying to incorporate a rhythm into my stride. Where on every 3rd stride I would really concentrate on sqeezing the glute hard and keeping my foot down long enough to really push off on each 3rd stride. It allowed for a more fluid movement for me. It really engaged the Gluteus medius alterantively working both sides.  I was able to really feel it. Plus I could concentrate on my less dominant side more effectively.  It was then easier to engage the movement with each stride. With a little power burst on each 3rd stride. Kind of like a Samba count. Smile

Have the book and the back cushion. Appreciate greatly the videos.

I have heard so much about the Gokhale method recently. I believe I have read about it from https://www.superiorpaperrs.com/. A great way to relieve pain from the body and have perfect body balance.