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Ted Gulick's testimonial about Lori Szalay

A few days after the end of the Foundations Course, I went shopping at Whole Foods and was waiting in the checkout line. All of a sudden I realized, "Oh...I'm standing!" And then I became aware that my weight was centered on the front of my feet. So I shifted the weight to the heels, and almost automatically my body went into a tallstanding posture. I'm not saying that it was perfect, and I'm not sure how many of the 3-3-3 points I consciously tried to do. The main thing I was conscious of was shifting the weight. What was striking was that I immediately felt a wave of ease throughout my body. It kind of went up from the heels to the head. I realized that having the weight on the balls of the feet, by contrast, was stressful. In addition my mood changed. It went from thinking about the future, wondering how long it was going to take me to get through the line, to being content in the present. It was not only a wave of physical ease, but also mental and emotional ease. It was as if a happy body created a happy mind. Since then I've realized that many (and probably all) of the techniques that we have learned create ease in the body if done correctly. Because we're just learning them, they might seem complicated and effortful, but in the end they seem easy and natural. Yay! Thank you, Lori, for teaching us so well. I'm so glad I took this course!

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Ted Gulick; Atlanta, GA

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