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Susan Barkoff's Testimonial about Lori Szalay

I caught a glimpse of myself in a store window and was horrified. I was slumped forward with my head jutting out- a hump in my neck starting to appear.  I asked my doctor and others for any suggestions they might have but the only suggestion was to put a broom handle behind my arms to pull back my shoulders.  I saw in the local Patch email for an upcoming Gokhale Method Free Workshop which advertised help with posture in addition to helping relieve back pain.  I signed up for the Free Workshop and for the Foundation Course after the workshop.  Let me say it is difficult to undo many years of bad habits, but as my excellent teacher, Lori Szalay, kept telling us - it takes time. I finished the six lesson Foundations Course with an awareness of my body and its positioning. With the techniques and exercises Lori demonstrated I hope to be able to reverse some of the damage I've done. In my before and after photos there was an obvious improvement.  I think this Course is an excellent use of time and money. I will continue on my own and check back occasionally with Lori for Alumni classes.

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Susan Barkoff, Atlanta, GA

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