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SC’s testimonial about Tegan Kahn

I experienced my first pain-free days in as long as I can remember! These were two consecutive pain-free days about two weeks after commencing the course. And there have been more since!

Having lived with back pain for over 10 years and tried many different treatments, I wanted to try something new/different and liked the theory behind the Gokhale Method — it made a lot of sense to me, however I was hesitant because of the time and financial commitment. 

For someone that is busy with young children and not particularly disciplined, the wonderful thing about the Gokhale Method is that you don’t have to make extra time to do it, you just incorporate it into your daily routine!

Tegan was an exceptional teacher. She was so knowledgeable and professional and her presentation of the course was perfectly paced and easy to understand. I would highly recommend her to other students.

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SC; Foundations Course alumnus; Canberra

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