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N.L. Wallace's testimonial About Rachel Margaret

I attended the Gokhale Method Foundations Course earlier this year with Rachel.  There were two of us in the class and I’d highly recommend the course.  


I’ve had back pain and knee pain off and on for decades and despite seeing physio’s, osteopaths etc have never managed to completely deal with the issues.  I found the course takes a comprehensive approach and goes back fundamentals based on posture and how we move.  One of the things that resonated with me was the holistic approach rather than just focussing on individual symptoms.  


The course was run over 6 sessions and tackled a different aspect each night.  Each session built on previous sessions so they reinforced what was learnt along the way.  There is a lot to learn so doing the course over a number of weeks made it manageable.  


The book 8 Steps a Pain-Free Back was really useful to use alongside the course, and Rachel lent me a stretch cushion to use at work and in the car which helped me sit better.  For me the best part of the approach was it gave me awareness of when I wasn’t sitting or standing or moving optimally and then I had to knowledge to make adjustments.   Rather than doing separate exercises I could just build the changes into normal activity.  


I’ve definitely noticed a difference with the Gokhale Method. I’m still working on incorporating more of the techniques into how I move everyday but my body feels better with fewer aches and pains since I’ve done the course.  I’m standing and sitting straighter than before and it feels more natural and comfortable than how it used to.  I’m focussing now on improving how I bend and I’m finding I get less lower back pain with the Gokhale Method technique.


Doing the course in a small class made a huge difference, it meant Rachel was able to check and adjust our movements and ensure we were getting the most benefit from the course.  Rachel explained things well, using lots of picture and examples so we could understand the approach.  I found the class environment really supportive and relaxing with a good pace. 

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N.L. Wallace; Manager; Wellington, New Zealand

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