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Nicky Owers' testimonial about Rachel Margaret

I was really looking forward to doing the Gokhale Method Foundations Course with Rachel Margaret as my teacher, as I had already started to learn a bit about this interesting method and wanted to know more. I was not disappointed and really enjoyed the two-day course. Rachel taught in a clear, straightforward manner at a nice pace, with plenty of time to practice and digest things.

Rachel followed up the weekend’s lessons by sending a couple of helpful tips that were specific to myself and my partner (who also attended) and has her own Facebook group for those of us who have attended a Foundations Course with her, where she posts more useful reminders. Excellent support! 

Two weeks on, new habits are already forming and I don’t have to readjust my posture quite so much. My knees and feet feel better, and the remarkable thing that I also attribute to my better habits is that my skin is no longer terribly dry (this has been a lifelong thing that nothing has fixed). It sounds terribly odd, I know, but I put this down to the body’s internal watering system – the fascia – being property utilised and therefore my skin is properly hydrated. What an excellent unexpected benefit!


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Nicky Owers; Customer Relations; Wellington, New Zealand

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