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Michael Bazzani's Testimonial about Lori Szalay

As a radiologist, I am routinely asked to evaluate xrays, CTs, and MRIs of patients with back pain.  Posture and alignment issues are plainly evident on many of these images, and the associated degenerative findings are very common.  After surgery, it is common to have patients return for multiple MRIs for continued back pain.  As a combined reactive and precautionary measure, I took Lori's class to address my own posture and core weaknesses, which have since greatly improved.  My improper bending was causing periodic back strains, and my poor sitting positions were causing unnecessary fatigue and alignment problems.  Both of these were expertly addressed by Lori's class, and simple solutions were taught to overcome the many difficulties of modern ergonomics we all encounter.  This class is highly recommended.

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Michael Bazzani, MD

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