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Loren Edelson's testimonial For Kathleen King

Kathleen is a gem of a teacher. I was skeptical about how much I could actually learn online, given that postural work benefits from hands-on adjustments and corrections. But with COVID-19 raging, this is not the time for in-person classes. 

Happily for me, Kathleen has a clear, engaging, and inspirational way of teaching that translates beautifully over Zoom.  She breaks down esoteric concepts with ease, and with her professional lighting and camera placement, she spotlights the tiniest of tweaks so that I could make appropriate adjustments. These changes have led to a substantial diminishment of the pain in my lower back and the near elimination of the sciatica that had been plaguing me for months. 

Kathleen made every session fun and enjoyable. Her dedication to our sessions, which for her meant rising before 6 am, was remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathleen as a Gokhale teacher and fitness coach and would be thrilled to work with her again.


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