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Kay Oppenheimer's Testimonial about Lori Szalay

I had two 3 Lesson Sessions a few weeks apart with Lori. After reading about it, and studying the book by Esther Gokhale which explains the method for changing and improving one’s posture, eliminating back pain, I felt I had to have a face to face teacher to truly grasp the concepts.  

Lori was kind enough to travel nearly four hours each way to teach me. She was friendly, but all business, and lost no time in chit chat, instead beginning to teach as soon as she was in the door.  She was clear in explaining how to perform the techniques and why those particular techniques helped stretch the back and build the correct muscles to take strain and pressure off the lower back. The course included specific techniques in standing, sitting, lying down, inner corsets, hip-hinging (bending) and walking. I learned a great deal from Lori in the time we had together.

Naturally, changing one’s way of carrying oneself and transforming old habits is not easy, and takes time. I’m continuing to practice every day, and continually reminding myself to roll my shoulders back & to use my inner corset. I thank Lori for the patience and clarity with which she taught me. I recommend her without reservation.

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Kay Oppenheimer,  Aiken, SC

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