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Kathy Hoggan's testimonial for Kathleen King

As I was reading Esther Gokhale’s book, I began to make changes in the way I was moving my body. It was a great beginning, but I really progressed to a higher level when I started to work with Kathleen King in the Foundations Course.  Kathleen taught me all the skills I had read about in the book, but she could give me guidance that was specifically for me. Kathleen is kind, precise, has a good sense of humour, challenged me when I needed it, and praised my hard work!
I now know why I have experienced pain in my lower back. The treatments I have received over the years were helpful, but my posture and the way I moved my body would cause the pain to come back. I am so happy about the progress I have made during the Foundations Course, and I see a pain-free back in my future! I not only feel better physically, but I feel better about the way I present myself.
I am grateful for the Gokhale Method and for the opportunity to take the Foundations Course from Kathleen. I believe the Gokhale Method is one of the healing arts!

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