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Judy Hansen's testimonial about Lori Szalay

I loved your class!  It was very complex and very important information to help me heal my years of chronic back pain.  I really appreciated how well you broke it all down and helped me take it a small step at a time until it made complete sense and I could do it!  I also really loved working with you!  Your level of training in the area of physical fitness helped tremendously to explain things better for me.  You gave so much of yourself in so many ways:  encouraging us as strong women, physically checking our every move to ensure we were engaging the correct muscles, giving us strengthening exercises to help us heal more quickly, being a friend.  You have a very fun and inspiring personality.  You made me believe I could do it—whatever I had to do and have to still do for the rest of my life.  You made it a good time even though it was a lot of hard work.  The first day I felt my back muscles shifting (after lessons 1-3).  It felt like burning and soreness but was gone by the next morning, which really surprised me.  After the second day (lessons 4-6) I felt more free of pain than in a long time.  The posture changes are easy to remember thanks to the way you drilled it into us—testing our memory over and over—in a fun way. The practice will stay with me and I am confident I will no longer need steroid shots, physical therapy, or surgery.  What a blessing you are and this method is!  I will come to a refresher every chance I get, as well as joining in online trainings. I wish you all the best in your work and look forward to seeing you again. PS.  I loved your southern girl personality and all the little ways that made me feel very comfortable and confident in the program!

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Judy Hansen, Salt Lake City, Utah

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