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Jenny Price's Testimonial About Lori Szalay

Before taking the Gokhale Method Foundations Course, I experienced back pain on a daily basis. After sitting at my computer all day at work, I would come home and lay on the floor to relax my back and then start begging for a back rub. Also, during family outings where we were on our feet a lot (museums, theme parks, etc.), I often had to take breaks to stretch or sit down to "rest my back." This course has been a true life changer! It took effort to learn the techniques but once I did, suddenly good posture became natural and comfortable instead of feeling like an impossible amount of work. The back pain is now gone, and the posture compliments from strangers are fun too! Lori is an excellent posture coach. She breaks everything down in an easy to follow manner. I felt she was really invested in my success. I urge anyone with back pain issues to get in touch with Lori and learn about the Gokhale Method!

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Jenny Price, Atlanta, GA

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