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Janie McCune's Testimonial for Lori Szalay

My teacher, Lori Szalay, taught me with the kind of care and interest that can be found only in a person who was once a fellow sufferer.   Having helped herself relieve her pain by mastering the Gokhale Method, she has the most genuine faith and knowledge needed to be a wonderful teacher.   I continually postponed taking the Gokhale course because I thought nothing could cure my “arthritis”.  However, after I met Lori, I began to realize that most of the pain in my spine had nothing to do with arthritis.  She patiently helped me learn the wonderful comfort one gets using the Gokhale Method.  I needed to remedy the damage I’d inflicted on myself through years of very poor posture and Lori taught me how.  Today I’m no longer bound by physical and mental pain.  I’m finally most gratefully free!  And now that it possible for me to garden pain-free, it has taken up far more time than I expected which is a good thing!

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Janie McCune, Atlanta, GA

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