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Femke Koene Testimonial about Rachel Margaret

I am a practitioner in the field of Exercise Kinesiology and body architecture. I came across

Esther’s work several years ago and I thoroughly enjoy watching the talks on YouTube (they

are often on repeat!). I also love Esther’s book “8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back” which is very timely - all in all the

information is a valuable adjunct to my practice.


I shared one of the talks, “Walk this Way”, with Rachel and she took to it like a fish to water!

It didn’t take long before she jumped on a plane from Wellington NZ to attend a Gokhale Method

Foundational Course and soon thereafter Rachel returned to the US to embarked on the

teacher training program. That in itself showed huge commitment.


I recently attended the Foundational Course taught by Rachel and it was a wonderful

opportunity to gain insight into the format and delivery but also experience the course from

a somatic perspective.


I thought Rachel did a great job. She was clear and aware which culminated into notable

change and postural awareness with all participants ranging from 22 to approximately 65 years of

age. I feel confident in Rachel and am happy to recommend the course to others.

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Femke Koene, Exercise Kinesiologist, Wellington, New Zealand


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