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Dana Spotz's testimonial about Lori Szalay

I loved my two day Gokale Method Foundations Course experience!  I learned how to sit, stand, and walk in ways that if I continue to apply what was taught, not only will my lower back problems be helped (after the soreness of using new muscles diminishes) but my body image will reflect the form I have always desired – poise and confidence.  I think one of the biggest reasons I enjoyed this class so much was because of the teacher, Lori Szalay.  Lori’s background as a long time fitness instructor really enhanced the benefits of taking this course.   She was able to break down the basic form instructions into easy bite size, do-able tasks.  She is engaging, gave a lot of positive enforcement and not only helped us to form our bodies into good posture positions but quizzed us enough that our minds are now formed to remember our instruction.  We know our good posture hints and can apply them!  Thank you, Esther, for your research and for sharing your method to relieve pain and discomfort!  Thank you, Lori, for creating a fun learning environment that has helped me implement this method!

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Dana Spotz; Salt Lake City, Utah

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