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Christina Palacios' testimonial for Kathleen King

I am 74 and have been bothered by my poor posture. I didn’t even realize it until several years ago when I noticed that even in photographs in my 30s, my posture was all wrong.

Before I took the Gokhale Method Foundations Course I looked and felt lethargic unless I was specifically engaged in some sort of exercise. Prior to the class I would (incorrectly) adjust my posture, and slip out of it in no time. Now that I have taken the class, I know the techniques, and I am aware of my body most of the day—how I hold my head, shoulders rolled, and inner corset engaged. My posture has improved and continues to improve.

Bonuses: I am taller, (helium head, stretchsitting), and I sleep better (sidelying).

I was impressed with Kathleen’s teaching style and her ability to give specific, personal attention to each student. She is well organized and knows her material inside and out. The book is well written and is excellent for reference. What brings it to life is Kathleen’s expert guidance. She is a motivator, and a consummate professional.

The techniques of the Gokhale Method Foundations Course will be with me forever. It will become more valuable as I age with respect to exercising properly and overall comfort whether sleeping, standing, sitting or walking.

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Christina Palacios; Retired Utility Executive; Salt Lake City, Utah

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