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Michelle Ball

Contact Information:
[email protected]
Teaching Languages:
Sydney, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
  • Dr. Christopher Oh, GP, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Esther’s work in back pain is well known in the United States, with many doctors routinely directing patients to learn her teachings, but it is time her posture principles were much more widely known in Australia as something to encourage chronic back pain patients to learn. I highly...Read more
  • Dr Kate Collister
    After a few years of lower back pain I discovered the Gokhale Method. It has absolutely changed my life. I am no longer limiting my activities and am no longer in pain every day! The Foundations course was fantastic; it taught me everything I need to know about posture enabling me to now lead a...Read more
  • Bec Thexton; ME Bank
    The two days with Michelle were full of rich information, practical lessons and a hands-on approach to improving our posture. Two weeks later and my neck pain is minimal and I'm enjoying practising my new stance. Walking seems more natural and I fondly think of Michelle's voice when I walk...Read more
  • Natasha Lynch, Carer / Support Worker
    Recently I had the pleasure of working with Michelle Ball as she taught me the Gokhale Method. Several months ago I had to resign from my job due to chronic back pain, this saddened me as I was only 39 and I thought this was the way my life was going to be. After finishing this new posture method I...Read more
  • Raj Gaddam: "This course is a game changer."
  • Sean and Sara: "It will help you for the rest of your life"
  • Jen Hubicki: "Learning you can have really good posture and be relaxed."
  • Jenny Kidd: "It's so incredibly logical, it's a beautiful thing to do."
  • Doreen Adams & Helen Dafner: "It's going to change so many things in my life."
  • Anita Dolstra, Robyn McElevey, Tegan Kahn, Adrian Bury, and Josefina Irarrazaval: "I just feel this is revolutionary"
  • “The hands on work is absolutely invaluable”, Tiffany Reichert & Beatrice Player
  • Keith Britton, Mount Eliza
    These are excellent value for money as they guide one through the exercises and techniques outlined in the “8 steps to improve your back" book under the supervision of a trained and experienced teacher. Mistakes in technique are corrected on the spot, reducing the chance of...Read more
  • Dr. Rhonda Anderson, exercise physiologist, QLD, Australia; Author of "Life After Menopause: 5 Key Habits of Healthy, Vital Older Women"
    I’m an exercise physiologist and I’ve been studying exercise and movement for a long time. This is one of the most (if not the most ) useful and simple, yet profound programs I’ve encountered. I Loved it!...Read more
  • June 2019 North Ryde Testimonial "I wish I had found out about this course earlier!"
  • Sydney Foundations Course February 2020 "It was very practical!"
  • James Clayden's testimonial about Michelle Ball
    I was hesitant to do the course, as I’m not good in class situations and such. But I found Michelle went about it in a very clear way. Lots of different things came up for me during the course, physically and otherwise. I feel it has been a help in improving my posture and easing any back...Read more


Michelle Ball has always sought ways to maintain her own health and wellbeing through athletic endeavours and movement. Having studied physiology and taught fitness classes, she saw what focused movement could do for her students.

She is a massage therapist and body worker devoted to helping people relieve pain and tension in their bodies. However, in seeing clients lose the ability to move freely and perform the activities they loved, she wanted to help self-empower them more on a daily basis. In her search, Michelle discovered the book "8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back." The Gokhale Method® was a revelation and a solution. It offered a practical, complementary way to help her clients restore their mobility and natural alignment while doing everyday tasks. This is what led Michelle to train with Esther Gokhale in California. 

Michelle is a qualified Gokhale Method® Teacher offering regular private and group lessons in North Queensland. She also regularly travel teaches on the Mainland in AUS.  If you can put a group of 8 people together, she will come to you. Smaller groups will be considered if you travel to North Qld, where Michelle is located.

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