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Abeja Hummel

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[email protected]
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Boonville, CA
  • Dee Cope
    The way the course was presented, and the fact that by decompressing the spine while in bed at night helps all round, I feel motivated to strengthen my deep abdominals, back, and pelvic muscles.Read more
  • Kathleen Martin, California
    I just had the chance to view my before and after photos side by side after following the Foundations Course with Abeja. I am totally pleased! I know I have more work to do, but the changes already are enough to spur me on so that I can work to optimize my physical body after years of wear and...Read more


A therapeutic bodyworker, yogini, sportswoman, and lifelong student of human anatomy, Abeja Hummel graduated from William and Mary's premed program with honors. She thought she knew a lot about how the musculo-skeletal system worked until she came into contact with Esther Gokhale's inspired, logical, and unique ideas.  Having extensively traveled in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East (and spending a lifetime in a body!) she immediately saw the inherent wisdom in the Gokhale Method. 

Incorporating Esther's ideas into her life, her yoga and her bodywork practice has transformed Abeja's own posture as well as helped bring great improvement to her clients who had not progressed for years with traditional approaches.


Abeja lives with her husband and son in beautiful Mendocino County, California in a rural intentional community dedicated to lifelong learning and education in permaculture, sustainability, and restoration of the earth and ourselves.

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