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Beth Cockerham's Testimonial for Quigley Raleigh

I enrolled in a Gokhale Method Foundations class with some trepidation due to a two month struggle with lower back pain that had not completely resolved. Not only did I find myself sitting with the most comfort of recent weeks but also asking Quigley whether the gentle traction I had achieved in a particular exercise could cause a release of endorphins. Yes, it is possible! This experienced repeated. Quigley built a comprehensive theory around lengthening the spine and strengthening supporting muscles and provided hands-on individual assistance that was critical to me and highlighted the offerings of all eight students in the class as we proceeded to make for a warm and supportive group. I felt increasingly comfortable and optimistic due to Quigley's encouragement and 4 days after the first class was able to complete a 6-hour day in my software development job for the first time in eight weeks. 

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Beth Cockerham

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