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Andrea Paulsen's testimonial for Kathleen King

I would recommend the Gokhale Method Foundations Course, taught by Kathleen King, to just about anyone! Being an athlete and a singer for the Tabernacle Choir, I’ve always had a natural interest in optimal body positioning, so after reading the book, 8 Steps to a Pain-free Back, and also viewing the DVD, The Primal Posture Solution by Esther Gokhale, I still felt a need to get some hands-on instruction and feedback to help me make needed habitual changes. 

When I decided to take the course with Kathleen, I told her I felt this would be an answer to my prayer, and it has been! For example, my legs used to often feel achy/ fatigued at the end of the day. Since learning to change from having a “hip tucked” position to habitually using an “anteverted pelvic tilt” position, I no longer have this issue. In addition, I feel more feminine, elegant, stronger, and even younger.  

This course is a great value! Kathleen has an especially beautiful home studio, and she is such a thorough, kind teacher, I’ve wished for my clients, family, and friends to have the benefit of getting her instruction. I’m so glad for the knowledge I’ve gained, it’s been wonderfully life changing for me!


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Andrea Paulsen MS; Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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