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Ada Shorr Testimonial About Lori Szalay

"I recently completed a Gokhale Method Foundations course taught by Lori Szalay.  I have  numerous back problems including scoliosis and stenosis and have been dealing with them for 25 years, trying to avoid surgery.  Several years ago,  one of the physiotherapists I visited suggested that the Gokhale Method might help me so I researched online and have been receiving communications for several years, but no classes were ever offered in my area.  Finally, I received notice of the free introductory workshop that Lori was conducting and I immediately signed up.  After hearing her speak, I enrolled to take the Foundations course and I am very glad that I did.  I have learned some very valuable techniques in improving my posture which help greatly in easing the pain in my back.  I can now sit much more comfortably and my walking has improved. I have also learned how to bend when cleaning the cat litter box (how great is that!)  As I told Lori, I am still a work in progress...but I’m working on it.  Lori’s instructions were very clear and she was always patient....I highly recommend trying this class.”

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Ada Shorr; Atlanta, GA

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