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Gokhale Exercise

Welcome to Gokhale Exercise

Gokhale Exercise helps you exercise more effectively without injury. Many of our students used to get back pain after the gym, yoga or other exercise routines and find it invaluable to understand how to apply the Gokhale-Filter of healthy alignment to make exercising safe and pain-free again. Join us as we apply the Gokhale filter to: yoga, strength training, dance, tai chi, and more!

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What is Gokhale Exercise?

Gokhale Exercise is a comprehensive program consisting of four exercise based classes:

1-2-3 Move

This daily live program the first-of-its-kind offering that is open to the public. Each session is composed of 1 Principle, 2 Movements or Exercises, and 3 Images — hence the title 1-2-3 Move. It uses dance, music, art, culture, and a Gokhale Method filter to help boost your energy each day. The program is designed to delight you and infuse your life with a boost of joy while helping you to exercise without injury.
Each live session begins with a free form dance session at 9:45 AM Pacific Time and is hosted by Esther Gokhale and special guests.


  • 15 min dancing session
  • 13 min Main session
  • 13 min Q&A with a Gokhale Method Teacher

Class Schedule:
Every day from 9:45am-10:30am PT

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Gokhale Yoga

Join us for a 45-minute Gokhale Yoga class with Gokhale Method teacher Lang Liu to stretch, strengthen and balance your body, mind and spirit. Relax with yoga poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. De-stress through mindful and safe movements, finding a greater awareness of the connection between body and mind. Gain greater flexibility, a youthful spine and a healthier, more balanced body.

Class Schedule: 
Tuesday & Thursday from 7:00am - 7:45am PT

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Gokhale Fitness

Join Gokhale Method teacher, Eric Fernandez, for a unique approach to building strength, endurance, and mobility while minimizing the risk of injury. By combining a Gokhale Method filter and an emphasis on breathing and relaxation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your ability to build muscle and power without the aggravation typically associated with workouts. Not to be missed!

Class Schedule: 
Mon - Sat at 3:00 - 3:25 pm Pacific Time, with a Q&A afterwards.

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Gokhale Moving Meditation

Join us for a 25-minute Gokhale™ Moving Meditation class with two very talented teachers!
These classes are focused on gentle moving meditation practice dedicated to activating, circulating, and balancing the energy in your body.

Class Schedule: 
Roberta every Monday at 2 PM Pacific Time.
Kathleen every Wednesday at 12 PM Pacific Time.

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If you are a Gokhale Method alum and Online University subscriber you will receive the Gokhale Exercise programs as a part of your Online University subscription and you will have the added benefit of a live Q&A with Esther after the session.