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Testimonials about Alejandro Macias

Alejandro’s teaching style is engaging, a bit playful, and easily understandable for all.  He coaches the student into the postures with ease and grace, which is evidence of his superb understanding of, and own personal practice of the Gokhale Method. Alejandro gently, and with compassion provides... Read More

Patricia Evans RN, MS, Dallas, TX

Alejandro was fantastic. I was apprehensive because he is young and a new teacher, but he surpassed my most optimistic expectations. Caring, hands on, wonderful personality.

Bennett Fagin, Veterinary Radiologist, Cleveland, OH

Alejandro's foundations class is great! He is a very hands-on teacher, in the kindest and most gentle way imaginable. Trying to figure out the difference, for example, between a sway back and a J spine from a book is so much harder than with a teacher. Thanks!

Jennifer Adair, Fiber Artist, Nashville, TN

I really enjoyed working with Alejandro. His energetic and knowledgeable coaching was priceless and I greatly appreciated his dedication to helping me heal. In our one-on-one session I was able to get specific instruction tailored to fit my needs and I would recommend him and the Gokhale Method to anyone looking to... Read More

Kathy Jasperse, Elementary School Teacher, Holland, MI

 I spent two very productive hours last week with Alejandro, when he came to my home.  He answered my many questions and gave me simple tips on how to implement some of the 8 Steps.  And now, after more than a year of struggling with pain, recovering from surgery, and learning to adjust to constant... Read More

David Litwak, Project Manager, Thousand Oaks, CA

After taking the Foundations Course with Alejandro less than a couple weeks ago I have already noticed positive results. Once determining the correct anteverted position for my pelvis, I was able to address the sharp pains of my lower back. These are now practically gone due the refined instruction and recommended... Read More

Daniel Elsbrock, Park Ranger, Death Valley National Park, CA