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low back pain

Testimonial 1

"Studying this method has enabled me to avoid what would have been my fifth foot surgery. I can now walk again without pain. It has given me a new lease on life."

Testimonial Author: 

Honor Rautmann, business owner,
Sun River, OR

Disc disease

"I felt the benefits from day one. I rarely have back pain now, and I feel more healthy and energetic overall. I am very pleased to testify to the positive effects of this work."

Testimonial Author: 

John Hamilton, Geologist (USGS) and Musician, Menlo Park, CA

8 step testimonial

"8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back is a pleasure to read and a godsend to use. The lessons are easily accessible to anyone with an hour to spare. The account of why people in modern industrial society experience chronic lower-back pain is fascinating in its own right. The photographs of people sitting, standing, and lifting in a pre-industrial world are marvelously instructive and a joy to behold. While the principles of good posture are disarmingly simple, Esther Gokhale includes a wealth of pertinent detail to guide users through the eight lessons.

Testimonial Author: 

David Riggs, OBE Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences, Department of English, Stanford, CA

Charles Bacon Teacher Testimonial

The training I received from Esther has greatly reduced the frequency of my headaches.
Testimonial Author: 

Charles R. Bacon,  Senior Research Geologist, USGS, Menlo Park, CA

Piriformis Syndrome

"I had been suffering from sciatica, degenerating discs and spinal stenosis for almost four months. Esther began doing posture work with me and the results were quite dramatic. I recommend her with great enthusiasm."

Testimonial Author: 

Andrea Lunsford, Professor of English, Stanford University, CA

Free Classes

"In the free class, the instructor started us out stretchsitting which was very comfortable for my back and leg. I was amazed that I could sit pain-free for 45 minutes! The entire method has been a true revelation and I shall be using it for the rest of my life. I only wish I hadn't waited so long to take that free class!"

Testimonial Author: 

Jeri Bessat, Palo Alto, CA

Online Consultations

"It works! What I have learned here has helped me teach and play without pain. I no longer need the prescription medicine I was using daily."

Testimonial Author: 

Darrick Yun, San Francisco, CA

Billy Scarborough Teacher Testimonial

The class improved my lower back pain as well as reshaped my body to a healthier position. I also like the abdominal exercises. Maya was an excellent teacher, enthusiastically helping people in the class. I definitely have a new outlook on posture. Thanks a lot, Maya.

Testimonial Author: 

Billy Scarborough

Deirdre Stegman Stretchsit Cushion

StretchsitTM is fantastic. There is nothing in the stores that works the same way. It is the perfect accessory for promoting healthy posture while driving. You will be lengthening your spine while you commute, sit in traffic and run errands.

Testimonial Author: 

Deirdre Stegman, MD, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, CA