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Rib Anchor vs inner corset?

Roger Tan
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2 weeks 1 day ago
05/12/2021 - 12:22am
Rib Anchor vs inner corset?

What are your thoughts?

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1 week 5 days ago
07/14/2021 - 3:49am

Hi Roger!

The Rib Anchor and Inner Corset are related so the distinction can be a bit confusing.

The Rib Anchor manouvere relates to the action of your internal oblique abdominal muscles. 

The Inner Corset also involves the internal obliques, but it involves the external obliques, the rotatores and the transversus abdominus muscles, too.

Take a look at Google images to help you identify where these muscles are.

The Inner Corset isn't something you should be turning on all the time - it is to protect you during movements that might pose a risk to your spine; eg twisting, going over speed humps in the car, or picking up a child.

If you are new to the Rib Anchor, it is something you want to engage quite often until you build up enough tone in the internal oblique muscles that they automatically hold your ribs anchored down without you having to think about it. Be patient with yourself though - you don't want to overdo it and get sore. Esther often says, "Do your due diligence, and then relax!"  



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