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Psoas issues

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04/24/2021 - 2:36pm
Psoas issues

I was recommended to write my question here by your Gokhale Method admin on your Facebook page. 

I have a question regarding my psoas. I believe I have a trauma response in my left psoas after a severe ptsd diagnosis 12 years ago. I have both the book and the stretch sit cushion but find that any rib anchoring training flares up a potentially already solid psoas. 

I've seen 19 specialists in the past 6 years, tried every sort of training, supplements, lifestyle changes but I still severely spasm, have herniated discs, and my pain is all day, every day from my ankles to my shoulders, most especially in my lumbar spine, left ribs and hip, right achilles tendon and both sacroiliac joints. 

I'd really like some advice about rib anchoring as I know I rib flare and have a significant anterior tilt, but without over stressing my psoas. And anything for psoas release? 

If it's of any use I'm 42 and have 5 children (4 -18). Thank you so much.