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I knew how to do shoulder roll, but suddenly it won't work anymore. What!?

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2 years 7 months ago
01/05/2021 - 10:58am
I knew how to do shoulder roll, but suddenly it won't work anymore. What!?


Did anybody replace my old shoulders when I was sleeping?

The thing is that I have been using the "shoulders roll" trick for a few months, and it worked fine. I still had to check my shoulders position every now and then, but over time I noticed I was starting to keep this position even when I was not conscious. 

However, something very strange has happened today. And it's being frustrating!

Since waking up this morning, I've been practising the shoulders roll as always, but... now it isn't working! After doing the roll, when I fully relax, my shoulders get back to the front. I remember they used to stuck in the correct position even if fully relaxed. But now they won't, no matter how exaggerated or subtle the roll is made. What the....?

I don't know what happened. I have re-checked the material and videos just to see if I had suddenly forgotten how to do it, but I seem to be doing it just fine. Why isn't it working anymore? So strange. What am I doing different? It's not my clothes or anything I have think of.

(I know my shoulders aren't in the right position because when I extend my thumbs, they point sideways instead of straight ahead).

I don't really know what answers to expect to this thread or How could someone possibly help me with this. I'm just hopeful that, as sudden as the roll stopped working, it will resume working again soon.

Does anybody have similar experiences?

Does it sound too strange to you?


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1 month 3 weeks ago
08/13/2020 - 9:13am

Hi Hectoro,

I had the same problem as you have. It was when I started out doing shoulder rolls, maybe a few days into it, maybe slightly more than a week. Suddenly it felt like my shoulder would just not stay back but roll forward nevertheless.

For me, this disappeared again and I suspect that because of some changes hat have been happening around my shoulder joints the "stay back mechanism" was not working. I do not remember doing anything particular do change it, except for giving my shoulder time to adjust.



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1 week 6 days ago
03/30/2016 - 6:19am


pay attention on this:

In my experience the best gains in Gokhale Method are coming to you when you are more equlibrated, i mean not every time but mostly when you feel you want to roll your shoulders strat with  nice kindey bean feet, hinge slightly concentrate in the best rib anchor you can give yourself and go for the roll you wanted, then why not elongate a little your neck?

That prevents situation like swaing your back doin isolated shoulder rolls.




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