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RSI and drawing posture.

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8 years 2 months ago
08/29/2013 - 11:36am
RSI and drawing posture.

Hey All, 

I always had issues with RSI  (inflamed tendons from tennis and drawing, repetitive strain injury). Dealing with my problems has caused me an incredible amount of frustration. I bought a 900 dollar Herman Miller Celle Chair which decreased the problem slightly but did not do much in the end. 

Currently my posture and arm/wrist movement is somewhat similar as described in the following images:

my  posture (and chair) is similar to Figure 3

this is my arm/wrist movement when sitting in a position similar to figure 3.


I want to hereby note that the screen to drawing surface ratio is not 1:1. This means that a very tiny circular movement on the tablet creates a larger circle on the actual PC monitor. I mention this because I read that smaller movements alleviate RSI complaints more than larger movements.

A solution "could" be to use a drawing tablet with the screen build in. See this picture:

However, in my eyes this angled darwing surface raises more problems than it solves:

First; the angle of the neck (you have to constantly look down) 

Second; the lack of arm supports

Third: the angle at which the whole arm needs to move

I am quite at a loss now. There are so many contradicting statements and researches concerning posture that it is almost impossible to discern right from wrong. I sincerely hope the gokhale method could help the oh so many artists suffering from the same issues.

Is the slanted drawing board better for posture or not ? And if not, how do I incomporate the Gokhale method while drawing using a tablet ?

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2 hours 27 min ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm

You need to learn the principles of good posture after which you wil be able to answer your own questions. If you understand how to best use your own body, you can be fine with a tablet. It all depends on how you use it. That said, a tablet is not the easiest challenge to master because it is not a trivial training to not crane the neck forward. 

You ask about arm supports - I prefer no arm rests. Once your shoulders are well-positioned, arm rests are not useful and in fact get in the way of you begin able to come in close to your task. 

The Herman Miller Cielo chair has a significant lumbar support. I teach that you need a thoracic support not a lumbar support. 

It's best you take one of our free online classes in which you can learn stretchsitting. You can also use your webcam to demo how you are doing it and get a critique.  

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01/01/2024 - 2:59pm

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