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hip pain

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10 years 10 months ago
07/14/2013 - 10:13am
hip pain

Hello Esther,

About a year ago I began having pain (an acute pinching) in my left hip area when I brought my left knee into my torso and also when I rotated my left leg inward (such as in a lying hamstring stretch, figure c on page 209 of your book).  X-rays were normal, physical therapy did not help, and I eventually began seeing a chiropractor, who told me that my pelvis was out of alignment.  After some adjustments, the pain in my left hip got somewhat better, but I started having a similar pain in my right hip, which also presents when I sit in a simple cross-legged position.  This initially made sense to me, given that my muscles may have been working differently after the adjustments, but the pinching feeling doesn't seem to be resolving.  I am working my way through your book and wonder whether you have any advice for me.  Many thanks.