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Shoulder Blade Position

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12 years 3 weeks ago
11/02/2011 - 8:41pm
Shoulder Blade Position


When you do the shoulder roll is there a certain position the scapula should be in relation to the spine? I've read that for most adults the inside of the scapula should rest close to 3" from the spine. In some of the photos in the book it seems some shoulder blades are very close to the spine and others are fairly distant from the spine.


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3 years 3 months ago
12/15/2010 - 7:51am

Since everyone's anatomy is slightly different, the shoulders may have some variation as far as where they are in relation to the spine.  When the shoulders are properly rolled back, they want to be out and down.  So if the rhomboids are working over time (too tense), they will appear pinched in the back-which is not desirable.  Rather, the shoulders want to be prominent and flat off of the contour of the torso.  This will allow the arms to hang toward the back of the torso and the thumbs will naturally face forward.  Over time the shoulders will continue to migrate back without tension.


 Rather than aiming for a prescribed ideal, I would suggest giving your shoulders a roll every hour or so and let them hang where they feel the most relaxed after the rolling action.  You should feel the breath rise up into the chest and a sense of expansion and ease across the front of the chest.  Over time they will find their ideal home, effortlessly!


I hope this was helpful to you.

Best Regards, 

Charlene Hannibal

Gokhale Method Teacher, Palo Alto and San Francisco

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