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Groover higher on one side!

Madora P
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10 years 9 months ago
11/29/2011 - 11:01pm
Groover higher on one side!

I've been working hard with the book, exercises in the appendix and DVD, and had lots of great results.  I'm a bit stuck on this: The right side of my groove is higher than the left. The doctor said it was the erector spinae built up.  I had a terrible leg injury for which I compensanted, so I think it is related to that.  I'm not sure how to get rid of this uneveness.  It's nearly impossible for me to do the inner corset drill without deepening the groove, although it deepens less.  I try!  What can I do to fix the unevenness? 

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2 years 9 months ago
12/15/2010 - 7:51am

Hi there,


It is quite common for one side of your erector spinae to be higher or bulkier than the other, for a number of reasons.  Compensating due to an injury, general asymmetry in the body, scoliosis, etc. can all be factors.  If your groove is deepening in general when using your inner corset, you may want to pay special attention to your ribcage whilst engaging.  Try and feel that imaginary bar at chest height that your ribs are rising above and wrapping around. 

All of the lengthening techniques in the Gokhale Method will assist in stretching out your erectors and as your structure aligns properly with an anteverted pelvis, you will be less reliant upon then to help you stand and sit.  With time the build up may diminish and even out.



Charlene Hannibal

Gokhale Method Teacher, San Francisco and Palo Alto

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