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Engaging Inner Corset and Bulging Bladder Prolapse

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1 year 1 month ago
05/01/2013 - 10:28pm
Engaging Inner Corset and Bulging Bladder Prolapse


Background: I have sway back and scoliosis mid back and hump back developing.  I have weak muscles just about everywhere due to limited movements.  My pelvis is tucked.  And I have joint and tendon issues all over my body.  Although I can still function day to day.

I have prolapsed bladder to the point of it bulging.  Doc said don't do heavy lifting or hard pushing bowel movements to prevent further protrusion.  And do kegels.  (wanted to show them how anteverted pelvis could have prevented my situation, and that they should know that!) I digress.

I do get a little bulge when I engage the Inner corset as per Ch 5 of 8 steps.  how does this happen?  Should I not engage my inner corset?!  (and follow docs advice)  but how else do i support my back? Or is there no hope for me?  If I strenthen my inner corset, my bladder will fall out, or, save my bladder, then who knows where the rest of my body will go?  Or will I get an anteverted pelvis as I work myself through the book 8 Steps? And this will solve the problem?

THanks for any help,


Abeja Judy Hummel
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6 months 4 weeks ago
06/12/2012 - 12:49pm

Hello Tanya,

Your situation is a bit more complicated than most, and so I hesitate to encourage you to keep trying this method without some hands-on guidance from a certified Gokhale Method Instructor.  

That said, I do think that you will eventually be quite capable of engaging your inner corset, and will find it therapeutic and allow you to have much greater functionality in your life.  However, in your situation, it is essential that you get rid of your sway and introduce the proper L5-S1 curvature (aka J-spine) to your back BEFORE attempting the inner corset again. 

The book does an OK job of explaining that process.  However, I know from my own experience that I thought I was doing it correctly from the book.  Then I took a foundations course, only to discover that I was actually adding to my sway when I thought I was creating a J-spine!

Once you have the extra space in your pelvis that is created by lengthening your lower back to eliminate the sway AND getting your pelvis properly positioned, your bladder will not prolapse when you engage your abdominal muscles.  

If there is a teacher near you, I strongly encourage you to make an private appointment with him or her and then to follow up with the full Gokhale Method Course.  Many people travel to Gokhale Method Foundation weekend intensives in other areas with great success.  

Let me know how it goes!

Abeja Hummel

Gokhale Method Instructor

Boonville, CA



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4 years 6 months ago
12/11/2013 - 12:12pm

Hi Tanya.

I have found the work of Julie Weibe very helpful for my pelvic floor issues. Seems like some more subtle work in conjunction with the inner corset work my benefit


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