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Holding, Carrying, and Nursing a Newborn with G.M. techniques.

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11 years 3 months ago
06/28/2012 - 10:56am
Holding, Carrying, and Nursing a Newborn with G.M. techniques.

My wife just delivered last month, and we're having a hard time applying the technique. My question is not (yet) so much about the baby's posture as our own. The 8 Steps books have pictures about what NOT to do (e.g. page 14, Figure 15), but it doesn't offer much about what TO DO--specifically with regard to a newborn who cannot (yet) hold his body and neck upright (as in the picture on page 14, Figure F-14). We're having a heck of a time with our bent over backs and twisted necks. It seems that we cannot help but revert to earlier, unhealthy postures while trying to hold/carry the baby in a standing/walking posture and, particularly, while feeding and soothing the baby in a seated posture.

Does anybody have any tips? Or know about any images/articles online that really treat this issue? I've looked around and can't find much for specifically newborn issues. I'd love to be flooded with ideas. We're desperately uncomfortable!

Many thanks!

Nick (and Katie and Baby Milo!) from Boston


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10 years 4 months ago
11/11/2011 - 12:49pm

I learned the gokhale method when my kids were out of the baby stage, so I wasn't using the techniques. But I will tell you some things I did with my babies that might help. There is a nursing pillow with an odd name "My Brest Friend". It is a firm, curved pillow and you basically set the baby on it while you nurse. It keeps the baby slightly higher so you don't have to bend your neck as much.

I also got a baby carrier called Ergo Baby Carrier and used it when I wanted to carry baby and be hands free. It was the only one that didn't hurt my back. I ignored people who said I should "wear the baby" all the time. Good grief, your back is strained enough as it is. I used a stroller as much as possible.

You can do a beginning hip hinge at the changing table. When you are sitting on the floor with baby, sit on a stool with your legs either straddled or straight in front of you. You could stacksit this way. If you nurse the baby in bed, do stretchlying on your side before you start to nurse.

Get a stretchsit cushion for your car and the chair you use most as home. They are a little pricy but really worth it. I have one in my car and love it.

You could also try holding the baby in different ways on your hip. You might put one arm around baby's shoulder and the other arm supporting his buttocks.

Lastly, you can engage the inner corset anytime. This is tough to do after childbirth but it is worth it. Also get Clair Davies' book The Trigger Point Therapy workbook and learn how to massage your psoas.

Hang in there. When my first child was a newborn, I read somewhere that babies are both a blessing and a bother. I love that! And don't think you need to perfectly practice the gmethod. Do as much as you can, but also get sleep.

Hope that helps!


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