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Cracking noises when doing traction

Dan C
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11 years 3 months ago
05/01/2012 - 11:59am
Cracking noises when doing traction


I had a lower back injury 5 months ago, nothing too serious at the time; Only an ache after I sat down for prolonged periods of time. However I noticed my lower back was making many clicking noises. 

 I went to an osteopath to adjust my upper back injury I had about 7 months ago (Im a disaster), Whilst my upper back injury wasn't serious and has now healed. He has tweaked something in my lower back and has caused sciatica for the past 3 weeks. (It is however improving)

I decided to act quickly, and purchased your book 2 weeks ago. However I noticed whenever I use your traction techniques my lower back makes many clicking and popping noises. Is this a concern? There is no pain associated with it. Could it be ligamentous creep?


I'm 17 years old, my lower back and core strength sucks.

Thank you,






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2 years 7 months ago
12/15/2010 - 7:51am

Hi Dan, 

Little pops are not necessarily a bad thing when you are putting your back in traction, such as in Stretchlying or Stretchsitting.  Essentially you are likely creating little vacuums as you stretch, and air is rushing in, and you get a little "crack" noise.  Now, if you are constantly getting cracks and pops, then you may want to think about how to keep your back decompressed/elongated throughout your day so it doesn't continually settle in on itself.  I suggest you read and attempt to use the lessons in chapter 5 of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, Using your Inner Corset.  This is a great way to build up your core strenght and keep your back elongated throughout activity.  

Basically as you take on each lesson of the Gokhale Method, you will sustain a decompressed back with each position you are in and with enough protective length in your spine, you will likely get less popping sounds over time.  Check out if there is a course being offered in your area.  This is really the best way to learn this method.

I hope this is helpful to you!


Charlene Hannibal

Gokhale Method Teacher, Bay Area, CA

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