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Lower back discomfort

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Lower back discomfort
Dear Esther,

Are there any tips for me on which muscles to strengthen so I can stand without lower back discomfort?  Standing for more than 5 minutes or so makes my lower back feel uncomfortable.  I've gone through the standing chapter but still I don't feel comfortable for long periods of time.  One problem I've noticed is that while my feet are in shoes, it is difficult for me to put them in kidney bean shape.

Perhaps my hips have not been tilted forward enough.  I'll try to keep that in mind and update this post in a week or two.  I've had this problem for at least three years.

Thanks for your time.

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09/10/2008 - 8:36pm
If you getting tired and achey when standing, it could be because
1. you are swaying your back. Remedy: anchor your ribcage.
2. you are standing too short because you don't have optimal muscle tone in your abdominal muscles and intrinsic back muscles. Remedy: practice your inner corset as needed and as an exercise.

Keep in mind that each piece of good posture helps the others. Some of the restructuring will simply take time.

Regarding shoes, yes, it's a problem that modern shoes reflect the average foot structure of people in our society. Look for shoes that allow some kidney bean shaping of your feet.
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