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Going up and down stairs

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Going up and down stairs
I go up and down stairs many times each day.  I was wondering how glidewalking fits with that.  I usually put my toes down first on each, but that would seem to put a lot of pressure on those bones and muscles.  Putting my heel down first is awkward, but it sure stretches the leg muscles. Any helpful hints? Perhaps you've talked about that in another post, but I haven't found it. Thanks!
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5 years 11 months ago
09/16/2008 - 4:29pm
The best way to land going downstairs is actually to land with the front part of the foot off the edge of the stair, so that when you take the next step down, the foot can essentially pivot off the corner of the stair. You're right, heel down first is awkward - don't do that, because it's also less stable. Also - it's fine to land on the midfoot in some situations, like this one - not because the front foot bones are better equipped to take pressure (they are not), but because the arch muscles and soft tissues of the foot help absorb some of the impact on landing.
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