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David82's picture
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11 years 6 months ago
10/09/2010 - 12:51am

Hi Esther

For the last 12 months I have been applying some of your methods to my overall posture when playing the drums...

Stacksitting has been a big key... Its helped allot to make overall balance allot better. Therefor taking allot of tension away, thus reduces pain in back, shoulders, arms, wrist ect...

The current issue I have is playing my bass drum pedal (right foot)... If I play with the foot flat on the ground i keep balance ok. But, sometimes its necessary to raise the foot of the ground (to get a faster movement)... This causes me to lose my center of balace and I find I have tension in the thigh which sometimes leads to mild pain... Im trying to figure out how I can make this movement tension free/ efficient and keep my center of balance...

Any ideas would be great...

Thanks Esther





charlenehannibal's picture
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1 year 9 months ago
12/15/2010 - 7:51am

Hi Dave,

You may want to have a higher wedge or slant for your stacksit so that you aren't tempted to tuck the pelvis when you lift your right foot (I'm thinking it might be pulling you into a tucked position which is then throwing you off your balance). 

The other thing you may want to try is turning your leg out more and letting the legs be a little further apart so you won't be fully dependent on the quad and hip flexor to lift the leg, but you can use your glute/external hip rotators.  Plus with a wider stance you may feel more sturdy balance-wise.


I hope this is helpful to you!


Charlene Hannibal

Gokhale Method Teacher, Palo Alto and San Francisco

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