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Building muscle mass á la Gokhale Method by focusing on length and strength

September, 2018

Anyone who has studied the Gokhale Method is familiar with the length and strength that we promote in all our muscle groups. As it turns out, length and strength are the two key elements to increasing muscle mass.  

These benefits come to those who sleep, sit, stand, bend and walk — simply by using your body well, á la the Gokhale Method!


Benefits to increased muscle mass
Especially as we age, there are so many benefits to increasing our muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass

  • helps you maintain good posture,

  • promotes strong bones and decreases risk of osteoporosis,

  • builds strength of muscle and connective tissues,

  • increases endurance and strength, allowing you to perform everyday activities with less effort,

  • reduces risk of injury,

  • and provides metabolic

  • ... Read more

Teaching at Teaching Drum

October, 2015
This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Teaching Drum Wilderness School in the north woods of Wisconsin to teach a Gokhale Method Foundations Course.  Teaching Drum has year-long immersion programs, designed to foster awareness in self and community, as well as teach wilderness skills such as hidetanning, basketry, primitive cooking, and lodge construction. Read more