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Robyn Penwell

Robyn Penwell, M.S. teaches Fitness & Wellness classes in the Kinesiology departments at Sacramento State University and American River College in Sacramento, California. Her proficiencies include Tennis, Yoga, Core Training, Stretching, Conditioning, Fitness and Weight Control, and several other fitness and sport courses. Her college courses emphasize the pursuit of high quality of life through personal dedication, education, and personal enrichment.

Robyn was drawn to Gokhale Method in part because it satisfies her demand for logical, scientific, effective techniques. She was also struck by the use of beautiful images from non-industrial societies, as well as ancient sculptures and figure paintings from many periods, to illustrate natural posture traditions. How could a method that seeks to alleviate pain incorporate so much humanity, dignity, and culture? From a psychological and educational standpoint she believes this method is very rich and stands to help a lot of students. It is truly a joy to teach.

Robyn teaches group and private courses in Sacramento and travel teaches during college breaks.

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Sacramento, CA

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