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Rachel Margaret

Contact Information:
[email protected]
+64 27 678 7033
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Wellington, New Zealand
  • Margaret McIntyre; Wellington, New Zealand
    I recently completed the Gokhale Method Foundations Course with Rachel Margaret as my teacher. I was delighted to have the opportunity to experience the course with her. I am 75 and my main symptoms are right sacroiliac joint pain and right shoulder joint pain. My right leg is also longer than my...Read more
  • Josie McLauchlan; Tasmania, Australia
    Five weeks ago I completed the Gokhale Method Foundations Course privately with Rachel Margaret as my teacher. I have a permanent pain condition due to nervous system damage which was caused by a drug reaction at the same time as my neck incurred physical damage. Since taking the course, I have...Read more
  • N.L. Wallace; Manager; Wellington, New Zealand
    I attended the Gokhale Method Foundations Course earlier this year with Rachel. There were two of us in the class...Read more
  • Nicky Owers; Customer Relations; Wellington, New Zealand
    I was really looking forward to doing the Gokhale Method Foundations Course with Rachel Margaret as my teacher, as I had already started to learn a bit about this interesting method and wanted to know more. I was not disappointed and really enjoyed the two-day course. Rachel taught in a clear,...Read more


Rachel spent a great deal of time skiing and ski racing while growing up between Tasmania, Australia and Colorado, USA. In her teenage years, Rachel’s  mother trained to become a Feldenkrais practitioner. Attending many Feldenkrais classes led Rachel to enjoy a playful attitude toward movement and body awareness. Over the years, Rachel has taught a variety of outdoor activities (skiing, whitewater rafting, and sea kayaking), before settling and raising a family in Wellington, New Zealand.

Rachel endured five years of back pain in her forties which led her to discover how difficult it can be to successfully treat back pain. She was surprised to learn that doctors think of back pain as “normal” these days. Finding the Gokhale Method has been transformational: it has given Rachel clarity in knowing how to sit, stand, and move in ways that help the body rather than hurt it. She was surprised there were no Gokhale Method teachers in New Zealand, and was inspired to train as a teacher to help more people move out of pain and change their lives.

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