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Lauren Heydt

Contact Information:
[email protected]
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Washington DC
  • Linda Grande: "I've seen amazing changes in my body."
  • Callie Hunt, Maryland
    Every time I talk about it I cry, I cried writing this to you.  My back injury has been rough...I don't know how people live their lives with back pain.... read more
  • Julie Wheeler, Maryland 2015
    I loved taking the Foundations Course with Lauren! She's incredibly upbeat and her understanding of body mechanics coupled with her ability to... read more
  • School Principal, Hanover Maryland
    Having read the book I was amazed at how interesting Lauren made the review of this material. The practical body work with her support made the... read more
  • Hockessin, Delaware
    Instruction was excellent! -Engaging and Motivating.
  • Donna Alden, Delaware
    The Gokhale Method has reset my body, enabled me to breath better, lift more, recover faster, and minimized the back pain I've dealt with all my life. Lauren's... read more
  • Phoebe, Age 14
    I haven't had a moment of back pain since I got home from the course and to my surprise, I had so much fun throughout the whole thing! The one thing no one had told... read more
  • Dan Demmitt: "Just to sort of feel confident and empowered to live in my body again without pain."
  • Meghan Gurdon: "I now can move and sit with ease, with comfort."
  • Lisa, Age 31, Arlington, Virginia
    Lauren - thanks again for being a phenomenal teacher -- your expertise, passion, patience, and ability to explain things in an easy-to-understand... read more
  • Cecilia; Washington, D.C.
    I've taken a bus trip to New York for the past eight Saturdays for a special dance project. Previously, I was too afraid — I knew I couldn't... read more
  • Washington DC Alumni "Helps me relax my back and sleep better!"
  • Chris Distel
    I recently took Lauren's class in April and the results have been profound. A little of my story. For the past eight months, I have had lumbar back pain whether I was... read more


Lauren Heydt lives in Delaware, where she earned a Masters degree in Education. At a very young age she began an active life studying dance and was fortunate to extensively pursue various types of dance along the east coast and in college. She is well disciplined in ballet and believes this has contributed to her beautiful posture and her strong regard for the importance of body alignment. Lauren has also been a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and dance teacher for students of all ages, so she evolved a natural understanding of people’s particular needs as they grow and age.  

After reading 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back and seeing the quick progress in her friend, she soon became inspired to learn more. In 2013, Lauren joined the Gokhale Method teacher team and has been teaching in several different states. She knows many people who suffer on a daily basis and feels grateful to be able to contribute to their healing. Having a professional background in education and as a teacher in many areas, educating others is her passion. Lauren loves working with people by helping them understand the skills they need to enjoy their bodies without pain.

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