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Janine Watson

Janine has long been passionate about healthy movement, anatomy, and structure from teaching Pilates, practicing yoga, running, and open-water rowing.  And yet, "I was very concerned at my slumping shoulders and forward head, plus the beginnings of the dreaded dowager’s hump. During the Foundations Course, I began to understand posture as an expression of both body and mind and learn how to make changes in sitting, standing, sleeping, bending and walking. The Gokhale Method has had a huge impact on my body and well-being, improving not only the areas I knew were troublesome but also others I didn’t even know needed help!”

With a sense of humor, persistence, and patience, Janine guides her students to cultivate healthy posture by exploring how to transform poor habits into new and better ones.  She teaches in San Francisco and Marin and other areas upon request. 

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San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA

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