Start on the path to a healthy posture through the step-by-step instruction in Esther Gokhale’s award-winning book, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back. Here you’ll learn the natural posture solutions for pain in the back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot. The Stretchsit Cushion facilitates correct sitting posture. This lightweight cushion turns chairs and car and airline seats into healing devices for your back.


The Stretchsit cushion helps transform most chairs into comfortable chairs that provide gentle traction. Unlike a lumbar support cushion, this cushion elongates rather than compresses your low back, giving you the natural, healthy spinal shape shared by children, athletes, and people in non-industrial societies the world over. No more compression, no more pain -- sit your way to a pain-free back! The stretchsit cushion is comfortable and easy to install and use.

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back

Esther Gokhale with Susan Adams

This book distills the Gokhale Method in self-help form for those who cannot attend a course. In eight simple lessons, with no special equipment and no time-consuming exercises, you will get to the root of most muscle and joint pain . Remember when it didn't hurt? You can feel that way again! This book is 240 pages long and has 1100+ photos and illustrations.

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Shea Butter

Monisha™ shea butter deeply moisturizes and softens your skin. Derived from shea nuts from villages in Ghana, shea butter is used to relax the muscles, soothe minor burns, heal small skin cracks and cuts, and moisturize dry skin and brittle hair. Monisha shea butter is wild-crafted and manually extracted in the traditional, solvent-free method of grinding and heating the kernels. It is 100% natural with no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or colors added.

DVD - Back Pain: The Primal Posture Solution

Join Esther Gokhale as she addresses the root cause of most muscle and joint pain with healthy posture and movement techniques. Four real students are profiled as they successfully navigate degenerative disc disease, spinal arthritis, stenosis, back muscle spasms, sciatica, bunions, neck pain, shoulder pain and migraines.

Techniques you will learn:

Gokhale Pain Free™ Chair

The Gokhale Pain Free™ chair celebrates the philosophy that sitting is a natural healthy activity. Our chair facilitates stretchsitting and stacksitting, two techniques that transform sitting into a comfortable position and something that heals you rather than hurts you.


Special features:

Gokhale Head Cushion

Of all the techniques Esther has experimented with, her favorite way to help people with upper body posture is placing a small amount of weight on the head. This is our oldest and most primal way of carrying objects and it evokes all the neck and back stabilizing muscles semi-automatically. Most students find the cushion helpful to: