Quadratus Lumborum injury

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07/12/2010 - 7:44pm
Quadratus Lumborum injury


I injured my left QL about 20 years ago while lifting a suitcase (suddenly).  It took about 3 weeks to heal and I never gave it much thought after that.  

Once every 3 months I would feel it recur but I would get over it soon.  At that time I didn't know it was the QL.

But about 8 years ago I had a very bad car seat and that weakened the whole back and my QL would spasm.

The doctors didn't know what the issue was (MRI seemed "normal").

I met Esther in 2009 and since then I've been a fan of the 8 steps.

But sadly, I have not been able to heal my QL, it still keeps recurring.

And only recently am I sure it is my left QL, after carefully reading all the symtoms.

So my question is, for someone with pure injured QL (I don't have sciatica or other issues), how can I get it to heal?  

What would be the best exercises and stretches to follow?

What would be bad exercises or stretches to avoid?

How long would it take to heal?

thank you



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Hi there :)

Thank you for sharing your story and reaching out. It reminds me of my own story too.

With Gokhale Method work, the QL will both be strengthened and lengthened. Most of our teachings/techniques do that in one way or the other. I totally recommend that you see a certified teacher to discuss this with care, and guide you gently, and for now, I would recommend a lot of Inner Corset work & Rib Anchor strengthening (follow book instructions carefully). We'd have to see in person though for a better idea ;)

Taking the Foundations Course, or a re-fresher if you have taken the course, will give you a lot insights as to how to work with this muscle. I have worked with many people with QL issues and have found our work to really help so much! :) How long it'll take to heal will depend on many factors so it's tricky to say without seeing you..

I hope this helps. Attend a Free Workshop if you haven't, you'll learn about 'stretch-sitting', which is so helpful in healing lower back issues ;)

-Alejandro, Gokhale Method Teacher

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Alejandro has given you some good advice. I would also add that you should be sure to squeeze the gluteus muscles when walking as this will limit the involvement of the lower back when walking.

QL can be a stubborn muscle once it has been injured and has gone into spasm. You might want to do some hands on work with someone to help release it- either acupuncture, MFR or deep massage. The QL is a deep muscle so I think acupuncture can have a greater effect. 

I would also meet with someone who could assess to see if the psoas is involved as well as the pain from a psoas muscle in spasm can refer to the area of the QL. A Gokhale Method Teacher would be able to help you figure this out.

Cynthia Rose

Gokhale Method Teacher, NYC

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