Margaret Haight

Margaret Haight began studying Yoga in 1989 and has been practicing and teaching Yoga ever since. A native New Yorker, Margaret grew up in Manhattan studying art. A visiting friend from San Francisco adventitiously mentioned the Gokhale Method. Margaret recognized it as a wonderful shortcut to good posture, wholly beneficial and accessible. Margaret has always been especially interested in posture, continually correcting her Yoga students, her family's posture and her own as well. Within her Yoga practice the action of anteversion was imperative for easeful backbends. The Gokhale Method pinpoints and establishes the vital relationship between these actions. Margaret is delighted that the Gokhale Method accords with fine points of Yoga knowledge, extends fully and far into everyday activities, and is supported by wide research, all carefully articulated in print. Margaret offers Gokhale Method courses primarily in the New York metropolitan area, and also Rhode Island and New England.

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New York, NY

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