Esther Pohl

Esther Pohl came to the Gokhale Method after years of back pain and a disc herniation after the birth of her child. Left feeling powerless by academic medicine, she became highly motivated to cultivate her own posture and form an entirely new sense of kinesthesia through the Gokhale Method.

The effectiveness and well founded nature of the method have been fascinating right from the start. The increasing prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders and the increasing number of back surgeries in Germany have incentivized Esther to pass on this ancient knowledge about good posture in her country.

Prior to becoming a Gokhale Method teacher, Esther studied mechanics at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Göttingen, Germany and is currently working in the automobile industry. Esther remains pain free and is working on her power and flexibility every day. Observing the unparalleled effect of the Gokhale Method on her students as well is always a motivation and pleasure for her.

If you want to order Stretchsit® Cushions from Germany, please contact Esther Pohl directly.

[email protected]
Tappenbeck, Germany
+49 176-22345383


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